As the continued fallout of the coronavirus pandemic forces us to spend more time indoors, finding ways to keep yourself occupied inside your property is a priority. Upgrading the home entertainment center is unquestionably the best solution for your family in 2021 and beyond.


It’s probably a project you’ve considered for years, and now is the perfect time to make it happen. Here’s all you need to know about the whys, whats, and hows of taking on the project.


Why Upgrade The Family Home Entertainment Center?


Before making any investment into your home entertainment facilities, you’ll rightly want to confirm that it is the right decision for your family. There are many contributing factors to consider covering the costs, added value to your daily life, and impact on the home as a whole. A new home entertainment storage center is certainly worth the investment of time and money.


The incredible market growth, which forecasts devices to be worth $294,969million by 2022, reflects the incredible progress made in the past decade. When combined with the importance of home entertainment in our lives, there are many benefits to be gained from an upgrade. The list includes, but is not limited to;


  • The upgraded home entertainment center will match the tech features, such as bigger TVs or Smart tech accessories, that you’ve purchased since installing the current storage facilities. So, it will reflect the demands of a modern family home.
  • A new home entertainment center makes your systems feel more organized. With more devices and gadgets used than ever before, this feature is essential as you look to prevent the threat of wires taking over your lounge.
  • Improved home entertainment centers additionally provide protection for televisions, consoles, and accessories while they are not in use. This is especially useful for the modern family who has kids running around.
  • It can create a more immersive viewing or gaming experience, especially when the organized storage center is supported by advanced tech features like surround soundbars or seating that integrates with Smart tech.
  • You’ll make cleaning duties and general maintenance quicker and easier than ever before. In turn, this will allow you to actually spend more time utilizing the products to their full potential – whether alone or as a family.


Whether you took the current systems from your old home to the new one, you’ve simply added a lot of new tech features, or decorated the lounge in recent years, the benefits of a new home entertainment center are plentiful. When added to the lifestyle changes experienced in the last year or so, there has never been a better time to make the change.


What’s Included In A Family Home Entertainment Center?


Appreciating the benefits of increased organization, style, and function will give you the motivation to complete the upgrade. However, building the perfect vision of what you want from a home entertainment storage facility is essential. The Smart TV market will have grown by more than 100% in a 10-year period by 2025, so the new product needs to make your TV play a central role. 


Nonetheless, there are plenty of additional tech products that may be incorporated into the home entertainment setup in your living space. Common examples include, but are not limited to;


  • A cable TV box and/or DVD player.
  • A games console, including a hybrid console like the Nintendo Switch.
  • Music systems including CD players, music streaming speakers, and more.
  • Surround sound systems that use subwoofers and multiple speakers.
  • DVDs, CDs, and console games, as well as the remotes.
  • Smart tech speakers that use voice commands to control tech and room lighting.
  • An internet router or WiFi signal booster.


Ultimately, your family will use more tech features than ever and need a storage center to house all of those items in an organized and stylish fashion that retains accessibility. Your home entertainment center should be designed to include shelving, drawers, and other storage features to keep all items in the best condition. A fully tailored system may also have doors (sliding or hinged) to keep the TV protected. Meanwhile, there may be storage features to keep remotes together or discs organized.


There is no single right or wrong option, which is why a bespoke home entertainment center is the only viable solution.


How To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment Center


When considering the proposed investment into a new home entertainment center, you must acknowledge the fact that only the very best solutions will suffice. Teaming with Boston Closet will ensure that this happens. We are a team of passionate experts that understand the key aspects of design, manufacturing, and installation to provide a comprehensive and professional service from conception to completion.


Mastering the design aspects to provide your family living spaces with the ultimate home entertainment center will provide a platform for guaranteed success. Our experts work with you to ensure that all key factors are considered, such as;


  • Which materials and colors are best suited to the surroundings.
  • What shelving and storage features are needed to match your tech storage needs.
  • What measurements and physical dimensions will unlock the full potential of the living space.
  • What height should the TV be stored at within the home entertainment center.
  • Which additional features, like cupboard doors will be required.


When the key considerations are taken into account during the design phase, the home entertainment center will bring the room to life while additionally providing the practical and functional attributes required to enhance your family leisure time.  This could include wall-mounted features, contained storage, and other design tweaks to stand your bespoke item out from standard centers. Crucially, combining the calculated measurements and plans with the highest quality materials ensures that the resulting product will deliver years of value. 


Take the first steps towards upgrading your family home entertainment system by arranging a full consultation with the Boston Closet team today!