An entertainment center is the biggest, most important piece of furniture in a living room. It’s home to your beloved TV, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to show off your personality in a functional way. Our custom entertainment wall units are tailored to your wants and likes and offer sleek storage solutions.

Entertainment components are extremely personal because there are a thousand and one ways to design them. We’ve put together of list of add-ons that we think will elevate the focal point of your living room and make your home that much more inviting and practical.

Floating TV

A teetering television on top of an old dresser isn’t going to cut it anymore. Take the modern approach and install a wall-mounted TV. Not only will a floating style make your living room look chic and ahead of its time, but it’s also the safer option. If you have children, we know it is a constant worry that the TV might fall. Eliminate the stress and trust that your screen isn’t going anywhere.

Décor Shelves

The Boston Closet Company offers custom shelving so you can decide how many tiers and units of shelving you want in your entertainment center. We suggest leaving some shelves open for décor items like books, picture frames, artwork, and any other knick-knacks that you’ve been dying to put on display. Trust us, it will tie the room together perfectly.

Storage Drawers

Installing drawers on the bottom half of your unit can make your space look bigger and cleaner. How? Now you have places to put all the miscellaneous items that were scattered around your living room, like your gaming systems, old magazines, remotes, etc.

Wine Rack

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or not, it’s always nice to have a couple of bottles on display. Incorporate a wine holder into your entertainment center to save space, look elegant, and provide easy access for when you want to pop open a bottle for movie night.

Cord Labels

This is a pro tip for when you are thinking about installing an entertainment center. Since our wall units are customizable, we will make sure everything is strategically placed when dealing with electric elements. Marking which cord belongs to each component at the plug is a great way to avoid confusion when things are rearranged. Use tape and permanent marker to create a label or different colored zip ties to keep track of everything.


An accent wall is the oldest design trick in the book to add pizazz to a room. Since your entertainment unit will be the focal point of the room, why not make it even more unique? Adding wood paneling or a fun, patterned wallpaper to the wall behind your TV will bring the space to life.

Start designing your custom entertainment wall unit with one of our skilled professionals by contacting Boston Closet Company for a free, no-obligation consultation!