We always hyper-focus on the living room because it’s where every family spends a lot of time together and often the spot you entertain guests. Having a custom entertainment center built can change the way your living room looks and functions. Boston Closet Company will design a custom solution that will fit your TV, sound system, and other equipment perfectly, even if you have one of those generic entertainment centers or a DVD and cable box perched dangerously on top of your TV at the moment. 

Our builds optimize space and enhance functionality by hiding unattractive wires, providing you with more space to store things like DVDs, books, and games. Whatever vision you have in mind for your custom entertainment center, Boston Closet Company will work closely with you to bring that vision to life. 

Key Takeaways

  • A custom entertainment center improves both the look and function of living space by offering organized storage and blending in with the overall style of a home through design features like hanging shelves and cabinets.
  • To make a custom entertainment center work, it needs to have places to store things like cabinets and drawers, open shelves for displays, and areas for media devices to keep things organized and neat.
  • Custom entertainment centers can reflect a range of design styles, from minimalist modern to cozy rustic. They should incorporate modern technological features like adjustable mounts, cable management, and smart home integrations, allowing for a personalized and seamless entertainment experience.
A modern empty basement room with custom entertainment centers, built-in white cabinets, and grey flooring.
Modern home bar area with custom entertainment centers, featuring glass-fronted cabinets and wall-mounted shelf displaying bottles, against a rustic brick-style wall.

Improve Your Entertainment Experience

It’s more than just a piece of furniture when you get a custom entertainment center. It uplifts the ambiance of the entertainment area, morphing an average room into an elegant entertainment space. They not only make your space look better, but they also keep it organized and helpful.

These centers are modernly designed so that they look good and work well. The result is a collection that is both beautiful to look at and very useful. Floating shelves give your shelves a sleek and modern look, and custom cabinets are made to fit your needs and the style of your home as a whole.

A modern living room featuring a large wall-mounted TV flanked by custom entertainment centers with white shelving units and lower cabinets.
A modern living room custom entertainment center with white cabinets and led lighting.

Essential Components for a Custom Entertainment Center

A custom entertainment center is more than just stylish; it should also be functional. The media center needs to have basic features like cabinets, open shelves, and places for media devices to be valuable and practical.

Cabinets and Drawers

In an entertainment center, cabinets and boxes do a lot of work without any noise. They provide well-organized storage spaces suitable for a wide range of items, including:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • DVDs
  • Video games
  • Remote controls

Slide-out boxes are great for keeping loose items because they make it easy to get to your things quickly.

Solid wood, wood planks, and plywood are the best materials for building these cabinets and drawers. The finish on these materials is both long-lasting and nice-looking, so your entertainment center will last for a long time and look great.

Open Shelving

In a custom entertainment center, open shelves are an ideal showcase for your precious collectibles and decorative pieces. They contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal and personalization of the center, allowing your personality to shine through.

An open wall nook can also be used to show off innovative items. Not only does it add to the visual appeal of the center, but it also provides additional storage through large drawers underneath, making it a functional and stylish addition to any entertainment center.

Accommodating Media Devices

Its seamless integration of various media devices makes a custom entertainment center beautiful. These centers are crafted to protect technological components from dust and conceal unsightly wires, contributing to a visually uncluttered and tidy appearance.

To manage cables and wires efficiently, you can utilize adhesive cable tie mounts, hooks, cable ties, and more. These measures enable smooth integration and convenient access to media devices, improving your entertainment center’s functionality.

Popular Design Styles for Custom Entertainment Centers

The design styles for custom entertainment centers mirror the diversity of our tastes. From contemporary designs with clean lines and bold textures to rustic looks featuring natural elements and distressed woods, there’s a style for every home.

Contemporary designs focus on minimalism and high-end furniture, while rustic styles embrace comfort with elements like barn doors and reclaimed wood. Traditional styles, on the other hand, resonate with heritage and sophistication, featuring custom wall units, adjustable shelving, and classic features.

A modern black custom entertainment center with an electric fireplace and open drawers displaying storage space.
An empty wooden bookshelf with small orange lamps in a custom entertainment center in a modern room.

Integrating Technology into Your Custom Entertainment Center

In our digital era, it’s essential to incorporate technology into your custom entertainment center. Some essential features to consider are:

  • Flexible TV mounts for optimal viewing
  • Efficient cable management systems
  • Built-in speakers or soundbars for enhanced audio
  • Smart home integration for easy control of your entertainment devices
  • Hidden storage compartments to keep your space organized and clutter-free

These features ensure a seamless and modern entertainment experience. To truly elevate your entertainment experience, consider integrating a home theater system. Custom units can accommodate components like speakers and AV receivers, while innovative techniques can create a visually striking ‘floating’ effect for your sound equipment.

Personalizing Your Custom Entertainment Center

Your entertainment center ought to reflect your unique style and preferences, making it the heart of your house. Personalizing your center with unique details, finishes, and hardware can genuinely make it your own.

Materials like wood, metal, glass, and laminate can be used to customize your center. Finishes like a stain, waterborne UV, glazed, and natural can further add to the personalized feel of your entertainment center.

Modern white custom entertainment centers with an electric fireplace and glass shelves.
Three lightbulb icons in a row with varying brightness: a dark blue bulb, a white bulb, and a bright yellow bulb.

Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Entertainment Center Designer

Choosing the right designer is crucial in transforming your vision into reality. A reputable designer should have a background in designing and building custom entertainment centers and positive ratings and reviews.

Previous experience is a crucial factor in choosing your designer. It ensures that they have the expertise and knowledge required to produce stable and high-quality designs.


A custom entertainment center can transform your living space into a stylish and functional oasis of entertainment. With the right designer and a clear vision, you can create a center that reflects your style, accommodates your media devices, and maximizes your space.

Boston Closet Company is the best company for your custom entertainment centers. We can be sure that every installation of your custom entertainment center is a perfect mix of style and function. From the first ideas for the design to the careful installation, we’re proud to make solutions that not only meet your needs but also go above and beyond them. Contact Boston Closet Company to learn more about how you can get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom entertainment center cost?

A custom entertainment center can cost anywhere from $1,200 for a simple installation to around $9,000 for a full-wall solid wood design with shelving, storage cabinets, and a TV mount. The national average cost ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. It’s important to understand pricing for a custom entertainment center widely ranges based on the features you’d like to see included.

What can you turn an old entertainment center into?

You can turn an old entertainment center into a cocktail bar, sewing center, craft station, pantry, or garage storage space, offering a range of creative possibilities for repurposing it.

What are the benefits of a custom entertainment center?

Investing in a custom entertainment center can enhance your space’s environment, improve beauty, and ensure organization and functionality. Enjoy these benefits for a more delightful entertainment experience.

What are the essential components of a custom entertainment center?

The essential components of a custom entertainment center are cabinets, open shelving, and accommodations for media devices. These components provide storage and organization for your entertainment equipment.