Clear Your Floors

Tidying up the floors in your home can make a huge difference in the flow of a room with minimal effort exerted on your part. Piles of shoes, toys, and other miscellaneous items can make a room feel disorganized and stuffy. Try to find a designated spot in your home for things that get moved often. A shoe rack by the front door can help to keep shoes out from underfoot in your entryway. Decorative storage bins are a great option to hold the toys, blankets, and books that gather in communal areas. Picking up the floors in your home can create more open space which, in turn, can make rooms feel more organized. 

Straighten Up Your Surfaces

Removing miscellaneous items from counters, shelves, and tabletops will have a similar effect to clearing the floors of your home – it will create the appearance of additional space and open the room up. However, you don’t necessarily need to remove objects from your surfaces to create this effect. Simply straightening up the surfaces by organizing the items in a logical way will help to convey the feeling of cohesiveness and organization. Placing your keys in a bowl, arranging your decorations towards the backs of shelves and counters, and placing similar items together can all help to reduce the appearance of clutter. If you do have more things than surface space to place them on, consider options such as custom shelving! Shelving can help increase the amount of usable space in any room – from entryways to bedrooms.

Create Additional Storage

The most fool-proof way to reduce the clutter in your home is to have a designated space for every type of item. You may prefer for some items to not be displayed on shelves or tables (such as spare remotes or DVD collections). In that case, home storage solutions from Boston Closet Company are a great option. Custom wall units designed for family rooms are not only beautiful, but they have tons of storage space to keep your odds and ends in place. Garage cabinets and shelving are also a fantastic way to store bulkier or lesser-used items in your home!


The hard work is over, and now It’s time to enjoy your clutter-free home! If you’re still in need of additional storage space, contact us today and request your free design consultation!


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