The holidays are upon us and if you’re planning to host this year, the first item on the long list of things to do is to get your house ready for guests. Cleaning, organizing, and stocking up on ingredients for the three-course meal you’ll be preparing, is made simple with the Boston Closet Company. We offer storage solutions that will make getting your home holiday-ready a breeze.

We have a few tips on holiday hosting 101. Read how you can stay organized, ahead of the game, and prepared to have the best holiday season possible surrounded by friends and family.

Make sure your home is spotless

Cleaning and maintenance take time. The best way to shave a couple of hours off of the process is to install our mudroom organizers. Boston homes tend to see a lot of mud and snow tracks, sprawled coats and boots during the wintertime. Having a designated area to place these items is a great way to avoid clutter and mess. Choose from design options like customizable cabinets, adjustable shelves, wall-mounted hooks, and entryway closet organization. Laying down a rug in the entryway of your home will also eliminate any muddy footprints that your guests might leave behind.

Another way to make organizing simple is to install a wall-bed with Boston Closets. Preparing the guest room will be so easy now that you have a fold-away bed complete with storage cabinets behind a custom, decorative dresser. Making up the room for your friends and family will take only a couple minutes, not to mention the amount of space you will be saving by having a compact sleeping area!

Get festive with holiday decorations

Spread some holiday cheer by decorating the house for your guests. Hang wreaths, light seasonal candles, and add a garland to the fireplace to invite warmth into your space. You may take it one step further and create your own decorations. Boston Closets offers craft room storage that will keep your crafting area neat and tidy. Get creative this season without having to worry about leaving behind paper scraps and loose ribbon.

Stock up on the necessities

Putting up the tree, listening to holiday music, and going to holiday parties are all favorite activities during the holidays, but the one thing that everybody looks forward to the most is all of the delicious food to be had. If you are hosting this year, that means you are responsible for whipping up a decadent assortment of dishes for your guests.

The first step, of course, is stocking up on all the supplies you’ll need to cook the best meal possible for your friends and family. Our pantry organizers will allow you to organize all of your dry ingredients like spices and flour, so they will be within arms reach while you’re slaving away in the kitchen. We also offer a scalloped wine rack so you can pop open a bottle for your guests with ease.

Enjoy time with your loved ones this season by installing Boston Closets storage solutions. Eliminate unnecessary stress this season and contact us for a free design consultation.

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