With Thanksgiving having passed and Christmas coming up in just under a month, you may not be thinking much about organizing your master bedroom, but now is actually the perfect time to get your closet in order. You’ll also have to take into account any new clothes you pick up from holiday sales and make sure you have room for them. Get your master bedroom organized this Christmas season with a custom closet and storage system from Boston Closet.

Where to Start

Part of the organization process is sorting through all your belongings and deciding what to keep, what you can throw away, what you can donate or give to someone, what items go to another room, and what clothes stay in the bedroom. This can be a difficult step for some people, particularly those who tend to keep everything, but it’s an important part of the process.

One Step at a Time

Don’t make the mistake of trying to tackle the entire room all at once. That’s the surest way to find yourself overwhelmed and become more inclined to give up. Start with one area, like the dresser drawers, and pull everything out. Sort through every article of clothing and decide whether each still fits, whether you still wear it, etc. When finished, move onto the next area, rinse and repeat.

Neat and Clean

Once you’ve gone through all your clothes and decided what to keep, donate or give away, it’s time to clean your room up and set about organizing. This is the fun part, especially when you have a custom closet system specifically designed for your Boston home. With specialized storage and custom designs, you can have all the space you need for everything you own and still have room left over for whatever new additions to your wardrobe Christmas morning may bring.

Add a Little Luxury

There’s a reason it’s called the “master bedroom.” Go the extra distance to truly make your master suite the comfortable sanctuary you deserve. Boston Closet can help you with customized storage and organization systems that go beyond simple closets and dressers. Give your bathroom a spa-style makeover with lighting and larger mirrors, replace the old, default hardware on nightstands and wardrobes, and hang sheer drapes from the ceiling to the floor for decorative flair that makes the room seem bigger.

Take your master bedroom to the next level this Christmas season and be the envy of your Boston neighbors with custom closets and organization systems perfect for the holidays. Call Boston Closet at (617) 628-1150 or contact us online today for a FREE quote or consultation.

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