If the first few months of 2020 have taught us anything, it’s that we can all benefit from slowing down and taking some time to simply enjoy life! That’s why we’re predicting that 2020 will be there year of the man (or woman!) cave. There’s nothing better than having a designated spot in your home to kick back and relax, either by yourself or with the people you love. Keep reading to see how Boston Closet Company can help you create the man cave you’ve been dreaming of.


Designate Your Space

Finding the right space in your home for a man cave can be tricky! Garages can be great spaces for man caves as they tend to be out of the way of your home’s foot traffic and usually have unused space within them. However, spare rooms, basements, and detached sheds are all good options as well! Once you’ve decided on where you’ll want to set up shop, you’ll need to clear the area of miscellaneous and non-serving items. Clearing the room of clutter helps to make the space feel relaxing and like it is truly your own.

Add Storage and Furnishings

There are a few features that you can find in almost every man cave: a comfortable couch, a TV, and a place to store your hobby items! Wall storage units from Boston Closet Company are a great option for man caves. We specialize in creating man cave storage systems and entertainment centers that are customized to fit your space and your storage needs.

Personalize It

The great thing about man caves is that they are a designated space for you to enjoy your favorite activities in. They can be oriented around sports, exercise, or anything else that you love to do! If you’re a sports person, consider investing in a big-screen TV that you and your friends can gather around on game day. A mini-fridge is another great addition to a man cave – it will cut down on trips to the kitchen every time you want a drink! Banners, flags, and signs for your favorite team can help complete the space and make it feel like your own. If fitness is more your style, having a place to store your free weights and other equipment in an organized manner can help make your workout that much more enjoyable and functional! Our storage systems can also be used to house music equipment, crafting tools, and more. The possibilities are endless!


Now for the moment, you’ve been waiting for – getting to sit back and enjoy your new man cave. Go ahead, you deserve it! If you’re ready to make 2020 the year that you get your man cave, contact us and get your FREE in-home estimate.