shutterstock_135270281They always say to write about what you know. What today’s generation knows is how to live on a budget and how to try to create adequate storage solutions with restricted amounts of space and on a limited financial plan. Since there are so many great DIY tips and useful two-in-one storage solutions, the possibilities are never-ending. For young couples who are just starting their home-owning journey together, the potential for utilizing unused space and creating a few investing upgrades is also boundless. What we have found in our years of designing custom closet storage units is that the walls within a home do not always get utilized the way they should.

The best way to make the most of your wall space is to take advantage of built-in wall units and floating shelves. Not only are they slightly less expensive than shelling out for cumbersome, costly bookcases, but they also save large amounts of valuable space that can be utilized in other ways. Since many young couples are investing in small starter homes and fixer uppers, adding built-in wall units and floating shelves are beneficial for the current owners, as well as the future owners too. Something we have begun incorporating into our own designs is the use of small wall spaces that are commonly found in between closets or entryways. If you have one of these spaces left vacant, it’s a great idea to make use of it! Most of the time, there is enough room to insert some shelving, or perhaps to create a small workspace area if you are feeling a bit daring and creative. Floating shelves situated in an alternating pattern will also add a charming flare to an otherwise overlooked wall space. Built-in pieces and floating shelves are both timeless and versatile. Best of all, they can help you to rid your personal space of clutter, so that you are free to live in a more ordered and organized environment. If you feel that your home has copious amounts of idle wall space that has not been used to its fullest potential, what are you waiting for?

We understand that, in today’s economy, living on a budget is an everyday necessity, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice any standards regarding quality. That is why Boston Closet offers well-designed space-saving built-in designs, along with custom storage solutions for the whole household. Please contact us today for a free consultation with one of our skilled and experienced designers.