Reclaim your garageTo many people, a garage is simply the room where you park your car and store things you can’t fit in the house. To us, a garage is so much more. It can be a workshop, a hangout, a retreat or even a gym. It’s a versatile space that can hold all the miscellaneous items in your life. This where custom garage organizers come in. With custom cabinetry built for your needs you can keep everything  safe, secure and organized. From custom shelves and cabinets to complete storage systems and closets, Boston Closet Co. is your go-to source for garage organization. If you aren’t ready for a full garage makeover there are lots of little tricks you can use  to maximize the potential of your garage in the meantime.

  • Magnetic Tool Bar

If you have lots of small metal pieces (drill or screwdriver bits for example) consider using a magnetic bar instead of keeping them in a drawer. You can actually find exactly what you need in kitchen stores, as magnetic strips are often sold to store knives and will work perfectly for your small metal tools. Small wrenches can fit up here, too, depending on the size of the bar you get, so plan ahead and shop accordingly!

  • Pegboard

This garage staple is common for a reason! Pegboard is sturdy enough to hold all sorts of things. It’s easy to go beyond simply hanging up pegboard on a wall. A four-sided cart on wheels will let you bring your tools with you, and pegboard cabinets will let you keep all your tools safely stored, neatly organized, and out of sight!

  • Utilize Ceiling Space

Depending on the size and design of your garage, you might be able to use the ceiling for storage. With some well-placed hooks and racks, you can hang bicycles, canoes and other sports equipment from the ceiling to keep it up out of the way. With some clever design, it can even make for an artistic display when not in use!

A garage can have so many uses, but it’s important to make the most out of the space you have, regardless of what you use it for. Boston Closet can help you design a custom garage organization and storage system, including custom shelving, cabinets and more. Contact us online or call (617) 628-1150 today for a free design consultation!