We love closets (unsurprising, considering it’s in our name!) – so we always strive to be on top of current trends in closet design. Below we’ve compiled three of our favorite trends for 2020 that we think are both innovative and perfectly timeless.

Built-in Storage

You probably could have guessed that this would be our favorite walk-in closet design trend this year – but it’s for a good reason! Yahoo Finance says the number one tip for increased homeowner satisfaction in 2020 is creating built-in home storage (Yahoo! Finance, 2020). Built-in shelving and custom closet organization systems from Boston Closet Company provide storage solutions that maximize the potential of your closet’s space while looking native to your home. Custom closet organization systems also eliminate many of the challenges that come with purchasing cookie-cutter closet storage systems from big box stores. Learn more about our custom closet systems here!


His and Hers

Another trend in closet design that will elevate your space is the creation of his and hers areas. This simple design adds an element of luxury to your home that is reminiscent of what you may see on the pages of a magazine – which is easy to achieve without breaking the bank. You may imagine a massive closet (or even two separate closets connected by a doorway or hallway) when we say “his and hers”, but you don’t have to have a lot of space to implement this design. Having two custom closet organizer systems on opposite sides of your master closet will do the trick – the magic of his and hers comes in the different built-in accessories included in each unit. Consider adding a sliding tie or slacks rack on his side, and a lockable, velvet-lined jewelry case on hers. These unique features, as well as many other accessory options, are available to you through our custom closet design process!


White Cabinetry and Personal Touches

White is a time-defying color – it’s a sophisticated yet safe choice for the cabinetry in your closet. It can make rooms feel brighter, and small spaces feel much bigger. Although critics may call the color boring, there are a lot of ways you can bring personality and charm to all-white organizers. Trying adding non-traditional hardware, such as antique knobs or modern straight drawer pulls to your unit. You can also bring the charm using a full-length mirror with a decorative frame. Lastly, if the room permits, choose to include a unique or quirky lighting fixture to help balance out the room.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on a custom walk-in closet storage system of your own, check out our gallery or contact us today!


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