With spring upon us, it’s time to organize our kitchen closet, aka the pantry With as much time is spent in the kitchen, cooking, eating, socializing and more, it makes sense to keep things as organized as possible.  A custom closet from Boston Closet Co. is just the way to do this.

A changing of the season is the perfect time to clean up your kitchen. Like your clothing wardrobe, your kitchen needs to be refreshed seasonally. This makes cooking easier by giving priority to springtime ingredients and spices.

Clean Out Old Spices & Ingredients and Place to the Side

When was the last time you cleaned your pantry? For many of us, it may have been a while. From not having enough organization, that thought may not have never entered our minds. The pantry, however, is one of the more important places to target with your spring cleaning as it houses all things edible from canned foods, snacks, to spices and more.


This is where custom closet design comes into play. With adjustable shelves, pull-out trays, and cubbies Boston Closet Co will have your pantry squared away for spring.

Custom walk-in closet pantries offer the most customization and space. This is where you can install all things organization like baskets, pull-out trays, shelf dividers, cubbies, and more. If you’ve got the space, use it! Boston Closet Co will make sure you can maximize the potential of your custom closet pantry.

Reach in closet pantries are more limited on space so it’s important to prioritize when you organize. Place your frequently used items at eye level. And less popular spices and ingredients at the bottom or top of the shelf. With Boston Closet Co’s adjustable shelves, it will be easy to move around your ingredients and keep them organized and looking good.

Stock up

Now comes the easy part, stocking up on new springtime ingredients. This is the perfect time to introduce healthy eating to the family. Bring on the quinoa, canned vegetables, and healthy snacks! OR stock up with our scalloped wine racks for that summer Rose or spring zinfandel. One Google search for custom closets near me with Boston Closet Co means you’ll never have to hear “there’s nothing to eat” again!

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