Spring cleaning season is almost here and it’s the perfect time to put together a customized storage design plan as the Boston area warms up! Here at the Boston Closet Company, we want to partner with you to reach your home organization goals. Continue reading for our helpful guide to get your spring cleaning on!

Plan in Advance

Doing as much as possible in advance is crucial to a smooth spring cleaning experience. First, pick a specific day to begin your cleaning and organization. Then, you can be sure to have this day free to devote to this task. Make a checklist where you set aside a specific day that you will complete specific tasks. A few days before you plan to begin, take stock of which cleaning and organizational supplies you have. This allows you time to go to the store to get what you need. Create a list of goals. For example, do you hope to reduce clutter or make it easier to find what you need? Think about how your life will be better as a result of this experience. It can be motivating to define and write out how this will be beneficial to you and your family.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips

It will be easier to do a deep clean if you begin decluttering and organizing first. Begin by getting five boxes or bins and assign different categories to each one: 1. Items to give away or donate, 2. Items that belong in another area of your home, 3. Items to store, 4. Items to throw away or recycle, 5. Items to sell.

As you go through each room in your home, take the time to assess each object you encounter. Ask yourself if you have used the item recently, if you need it in the future or if it has any sentimental value to you or your family. This is also a great time to determine where you need a custom storage design solution for your Boston area home. From kids closets to laundry room cabinets, we know the unique aesthetic of the Boston area because we have been proudly serving its residents since in 1977.

Next Steps

Now that you have sorted items from each room in your home, you can dispose of items you no longer need, place items in their correct space or sell certain pieces. You will be able to clean easier now that there are fewer items in the way. Be sure to take stock of which cleaning products you have and will need. Now it’s the time to get the dust behind the couch and get that grout super clean.

We hope that this guide has helped you to get a jump start on your spring cleaning and organizing journey. Contact us today for your free design consultation!