If you want your clothes to last, it’s important to take good care of them. This comes as no secret, of course, but knowing how to care for your clothes properly is just as important as resisting that satisfying urge to simply toss them on the floor after a long day of work. Keeping your clothing in mint condition will allow them to last for years to come and proper closet organization will help protect them. Boston homeowners can benefit from a unique, custom closet designed specifically to meet their needs, match their existing décor and suit their lifestyle. Here are some other tips from our Boston closet designers to keep your wardrobe clean, fresh and ready to wear for many seasons to come.

Hang’em High

Different types of clothes require different types of hangers in order to prolong their lifespan. For example, using pants hangers for slacks helps to prevent wrinkles. Plastic hangers generally are not sturdy enough for heavier items like coats, so use padded hangers instead to prevent stretching. Always make sure your closet organization allows for a little space between hangers, since pushing them together can wrinkle your clothes or even cause them to fall off the hangers completely.

Feats of Footwear

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. In fact, one could even claim they are just as important as the rest of your clothes. All too often, however, people simply pile shoes on top of each other or just toss them into a row on the floor. This can ruin your footwear, as heavier boots can crush delicate flats and heels can scratch or dent other shoes. A proper shoe cabinet from Boston Closet is paramount to your closet organization for keeping your shoes in peak condition.

Off the Hook

Clothes that don’t go on hangers need to be gently folded. It’s best to fold jeans along the seams so that creases remain out of sight and then stack them on a shelf. Hangers can leave marks in the shoulder areas of certain garments, such as cotton shirts, so it’s best to actually roll these items and store them in a drawer. Workout clothes can similarly be folded and placed on shelves rather than hung up.

Handle with Care

One may think it would go without saying, but it’s important to follow the washing instructions on the tags of your clothes. Shrunken or discolored clothes are an all-too-frequent occurrence that cost us our favorite outfits. Avoid chemical bleach, keep your lights and darks separate, and make sure to use a gentle washing cycle when appropriate.

Throughout Boston, homeowners need closet organization systems to keep their clothes neatly sorted and protected. This is where Boston Closet saves the day, bringing you custom closet designs uniquely tailored to your specific needs and style. Call us at (617) 628-1150 or contact us online today for a FREE design quote!