How often do you reach in your closet for just the right outfit, and pull out a clashing ensemble instead? Maybe you go shopping to solve this dilemma and yet still find yourself struggling to find your new pieces that disappear or are left with no room. Maybe this train of events occurs a little too often. Boston Closet Company offers custom reach-in closet storage solutions that will change the way you look at your wardrobe.

We are a family business with experience handling closet organization for over 40 years. Our team has a “1, 2, 3, done” approach to make your closet organization easy

1: The Right Elements

Without basics, where are all your items to live? The first step in our organization process is to ensure that your reach-in closet has the right foundation to meet your needs. Here are our most commonly-recommended items:

  • Shelf space
  • Drawer space
  • Hamper space
  • Hanging space
  • Mirror space

2: Clothing Organization

  • Shelves: shoes and accessories can be placed on your shelf space for a glowing presentation. To avoid shoes being damaged, they can be easily stored on shelf space. Accessories can also be displayed on a shelf to help ensure the safety of each item.
  • Drawers: workout garments, undergarments, PJs, and other private attire can fill drawer space to keep everything out of sight. Each drawer should be filled with items of the same category for ease of use.
  • Hampers: there should be a designated space for dirty laundry. We offer tilt-out hampers that hide dirty clothes and keep them easily accessible to make laundry day a snap.
  • Hanging rods: rods must be hung at proper heights to display your favorite pieces. Condense the number of items hanging by prioritizing which items are worn most often. These techniques are the most effective ways to maximize space in a reach-in closet, where square footage is limited.
  • A mirror: mirrors are a great way to boost self-confidence, but they can also do wonders for your reach-in closet design. Placing a mirror on the inside of your reach-in closet can reflect light and keep your closet looking spacious.

3: Functional Changes

The seasons change – and so should your closet! Our organization systems are adjustable, so you can update the look and feel of your space with the changing weather. Get on board with the latest trends and have confidence that your style is always supported by your custom closet design. Boston Closet Company is your partner for fashion-forward design.


Your custom closet will be designed to bring order back into your life. Our “1, 2, 3, done” process makes it easy to get your dream closet with a budget that works for you.

Contact us today to request a free consultation and begin your very own closet design project!

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