Here at Boston Closet Company, we believe that your hobby deserves its own space. We offer craft room storage solutions that will transform your area into a creative and organized oasis. Your craft room should inspire imagination and productivity. By installing our products, we will help you design a space that keeps your supplies tidy so you can focus on creating.

Create art with your supplies

Inspiration to create art comes from being exposed to other pieces of art. To add color and beauty to your Boston craft room, creating art with your supplies is a great way to organize your space and to think outside the box. Our cubbies and adjustable shelves will allow you to create a rainbow effect with your yarn, colored pencils, or button jars.

Create flexibility

Craft supplies are constantly multiplying and changing as your style and needs shift. Make sure your storage solutions are flexible so your space can change along with you. Installing our adjustable shelves will prevent supplies overflow and give you the opportunity to rearrange as you please. Constantly making your space feel new will help to boost creativity. Switching up your surroundings is a wonderful way to renew inspiration and motivation.

Create a focal point

The focal point of your craft room should be a large, sturdy worktable. Boston Closets offers worktable installations that will hold all of your supplies and last for years. Including a sizable worktop in your room will create nice design flow and increase the livability of your room.

Create a storage wall

Use our slat-walls to hang all of your small supplies like paints, scissors, and spools. Adding accessories and small knick-knacks will help the room feel personalized and well-decorated as well. Wall-mounted hooks are also a great way to get supplies off the floor and to clear up space. Hang some of your own creations as well for inspiration!

Create labels

The key to organization is labeling your bins, baskets, drawers, jars, and cabinets. Dedicate certain storage areas to different craft supplies. Have a glitter drawer, a yarn cubby, and a construction paper rack to keep everything separate and easily accessible.

Create an atmosphere

A beautiful way to create a positive atmosphere is to bring the outdoors, indoors. Including greenery in your craft room will bring light and airiness into the space. Flowers also offer a fresh look and will add a unique splash of color to your Boston craft room.

Give your hobby the craft room it deserves with Boston Closets. Schedule your free, in-home design consultation today!

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