shutterstock_125522153Are you interested in taking back control of your garage from the trash and maximizing space? If so, Boston Closet can help! We understand just how easy it is to let the garage eventually become a chamber full of tools, ancient holiday decorations, and other outdated family items that take up space more suited to your car. Whether it’s gradually collected trash, tools, toys or sports equipment from over the years, now’s the time to reorganize the garage to take full advantage of the available area. The following ideas can help:


More often than not, garages can quickly become a storage place for various unwanted objects. There are several options that can be adopted in order to get rid of useless or redundant items. For instance, hold a garage sale, donate them to charity, sell them online via Craigslist or eBay, or take a trip to the dump if anything is faulty or broken. Removing clutter is the first step in organizing the garage to make space for more important items, such as a car.

Make use of the ceiling

The ceiling is frequently forgotten about when it comes to the storage space you have available. However, this is an excellent place to mount racks that can hold bins, hang bikes, store ladders and more. The ceiling offers a readily accessible location for belongings, but without minimizing the space needed if you want to also set up a dedicated personal work out area.

Avoid floor space

While it might be easiest to simply place boxes of gear on the ground in the garage, try to avoid this whenever possible. The floor space needs to stay clear so people can move around freely. Additionally, a reduction of floor clutter means less opportunities for critters, dirt, and other contaminants to hide.

Use walls for hanging

Install garage cabinets and shelves for additional space, making sure that these are on the upper area of the wall, so that they do not take up floor space (as mentioned above). In addition, hang tools, bicycles and other thin or narrow objects on hooks. This will save room both on the ground and in other storage areas around the garage.

Remember what the garage’s purpose is

Use the garage for its intended purposes, which is not as a place to store random garbage. Be sure to regularly go through the garage and get rid of unwanted trash and outdated items, as stated above in the purging section. The garage is an area that holds specific intentions that should never be overlooked. For example, if the garage is meant to house a car, that needs to be your main focus when organizing the space.

If you are interested in more handy tips, please contact Boston Closet today! We are ready to supply homeowners with the necessary storage solutions to help maximize their garage.