home officeDo you want to create an office at home? This room needs to be a work sanctuary, somewhere of productivity and inspiration. The design and elements that go into a home office are very important in determining one’s success. While Boston Closet has the materials to help homeowners create a workplace, there are several things to consider. The setup needs to be both personal and professional for the most achievement. 

Identifying the purpose for the office is a good place to begin. Perhaps the homeowner works completely online. Maybe they are a teacher who needs a place to review papers and create lesson plans. The options are endless. Regardless, however, the home office needs to be designed so that it is most beneficial to the task at hand.

Color scheme is the next thing to consider. For a lighter feel to the office, yellows, blues or greens are a good choice. Pastels are popular preferences. For more of a professional and serious undertone, try grays and other monotones. The color of the office is important as it sets the base for the work, decorations and overall atmosphere.

Next comes the functionality of the room. This has several different components, including the desk, chair, technology and lighting. Again, based on the purpose of the office, inclinations will differ. The desk can be a classic hardwood in the corner of the room. Or, perhaps a stand-up desk is preferred to move around and create more mobility. Then there is the chair. Here is a wonderful opportunity for creativity. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different chairs to choose from. Unique options may include beanbags or exercise balls. Additionally, consider what electronics will be kept in the office. A television or stereo may prove to be a distraction while others work better with these two items on. The lighting is, once again, based on personal preference. Consider natural lighting, accent lighting, incandescent bulbs, fluorescents and more. The office should be comfortable to use at any time of day.

It is important to remember that this room is specifically intended for work. It is created as an office, making the area a bubble for productivity. Thus, keep the personal items out. Maintaining the separation between work and fun at home is important. This needs to be a business extension, as its specific intention is to get things done.

Finally, it is important to prevent the office from becoming a place of boredom or stress. Bring the room to life with a plant or two and watch the efficiency soar. It is amazing the difference that a little greenery can make.

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