It’s that time of the year again! Spring has arrived and there is no better time to get going on spring cleaning. After you’ve tackled dusting fan blades and have thought up a game plan for reorganizing the garage, is the time has come to tackle the closet.

You might be picturing a scene out of Hoarders in your mind, accompanied by foreboding nightmare music, but fear not! The closet doesn’t have to be a mine field of disorganized disaster anymore! At Boston Closet, we have compiled some of our most helpful tips for spring cleaning your closet. Not only will we help you get started on cleaning, but we also offer some amazing storage solutions along the way. Are you ready?

  • Start one step at a time

 This is what we like to call the divide and conquer mentality. Break up your organization into manageable portions. First, start with separating your clothes in two piles– one to keep and one to give to charity or sell. Take a break and then start on another section, perhaps shoes and purses. It can seem rather overwhelming to take everything out at once only to bring it right back when the process has taken too much time and you’re ready to move on to window treatments. Just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day; your closet doesn’t need to be organized in an hour, either.

  •  Clean up the top shelf

 When we get busy, the top shelf of our closet often becomes the discard pile for old t-shirts, seasonal clothing, sweat pants, or dusty yearbooks.  To make your spring cleaning easier to manage in your closet space, consider installing a shelving unit to replace rods and wire shelves. With a customized wooden closet insert, you can use storage on the top of your closet as a display or simply hide items with small storage doors.  Our team has expert training in closet storage, and we are able to shape and customize your closet storage options to your specific needs.

  • Make space for ties, shoes and purses

A lot of closet clutter can be due to ties, shoes and purses strewn about without a home. Instead of throwing your small, oddly shaped items and shoes wherever there is space, consider installing and using a space that is specifically designed to display your favorite tie collection. If you want to be able to grab your favorite beach bag, purse or backpack, consider installing Boston Closet storage solution features with hooks for straps and ties along with beautiful wood rails to hold your shoes. Not only will you find that your closet suddenly has more space, but it will give your closet the customized look to display your favorite fashion statement pieces.

  • Ditch what you don’t wear with an easy-to-use system

 Many of us fall victim to holding onto clothes that we haven’t worn in years because they hold sentimental value. Stop what you’re doing and listen carefully. Ditch this habit this spring with our favorite hanger trick. During your organizing session, face all of your clothes on a hanger toward the front. Once you have used the item face the hanger toward the back. When it is time to clean the closet again, you will know what you have worn and what needs to go. Doing this will create space for new items and give your closet a better, cleaner look.

  • Pair similar items together

 As you organize your clothes  after a good closet scrub or dust down, you can pair like items together to make pulling clothes easy and give an overall organized look. If you have shelves, pair your slacks with other slacks, group together hanging items that are specifically for work and keep all of your socks together like a happy family.  At Boston Closet, we have some amazing storage solutions that will make dressing for work or play easy and fun at the same time.

  • Get rid of the wire

 You can create a uniform, organized space that is easy on the eyes by ditching old school wire hangers altogether. Wire hangers can cause creases, wrinkles and are often eyesores. Instead, use huggable hangers that will keep your clothes in top notch shape and save you space with their sleek design.

  • Investigate custom storage solutions

 If you are ready for a completely new look for your closet, it is time for a custom organization system designed by Boston Closet. We are experts in organization, design and implementation and take our jobs very seriously. We know what it is like to toil and trouble over closet organization woes. Our custom closet storage options will display what is important, hide what is not and give your closet the perfect makeover.

Before you get started on this year’s spring cleaning, contact Boston Closet today for some easy-to-use and easy-to-install custom closet installations that will make next year’s spring cleaning a piece of cake.

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