It’s time to say goodbye to summery salads and hello to harvest pies. Welcome the season into your Boston home by firing up the oven and creating mouth-watering dishes for your friends and family. Make sure your kitchen is prepped for the cooking marathon that is about to ensue.

You will spend a lot of time preparing homemade meals, baking autumn-inspired treats, and entertaining more people than usual. Our pantry organizers are a must for your Boston home. Custom, adjustable shelves will make your time in the kitchen a whole lot easier. We’ve put together a guide on how to make your kitchen ready for fall festivities.

Clean Out

It’s a good idea to clear out everything in your pantry and fridge and sort through your inventory. Decide what ingredients are worth keeping and what can go. This is a good time to make a grocery list of everything you need to pick up. Avoid a cooking faux pas like starting a pumpkin pie recipe and realizing there is no nutmeg in the pantry. That would be a disaster!


The key to successful cooking is to keep your surface clean and your kitchen organized. Our custom pantry organizers include helpful accessories like adjustable shelves, drawers, baskets, pull-out trays, scalloped wine racks and much more. You’ll have easy access to all of your spices, containers for leftovers and dry ingredients. Next, use the same technique for your fridge. Make sure everything you’ll use to whip up delicious dishes is strategically placed and at your disposal.

Check Appliances

Your oven, stove, and microwave will be getting quite the workout this season. To make sure they are running their best, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and scrub any left-over muck. Use an oven thermometer to ensure the internal temperature matches the settings. Once your appliances are clean and checked for accuracy, your food will cook more efficiently and taste better!


Now comes the fun part. Your kitchen may be sparkling and filled with sweet aromas of baking pies and savory scents of sautéing veggies, but does it look the part? Add simple décor like an apple basket or wheelbarrow and mini pumpkins here and there to truly transition your kitchen into the season. Your space will be ready for entertaining at all times and you’ll be inspired to cook for fall when you enter your space!

Make sure your kitchen is prepared for pumpkin mania. Contact us to learn more about our pantry organizers and to receive a free consultation!

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