Do you find yourself postponing DIY repair works inside your home because you can’t find your tools anymore? It’s not that you misplaced them. You know exactly where you last saw them: In the garage. But you can’t get to them easily. 


Unfortunately, the pandemic crisis has not only affected the global economy and health. It’s also transformed our homes significantly. The garage is one of the lasting signs of the residential pandemic changes. Our team at Boston Closet Company is familiar with organizational challenges. We appreciate it is a big task, so we have compiled some tips to reclaim your garage and find peace of mind with practical organization solutions. 


You can’t organize a room if you don’t understand what you want to achieve. We believe that after a stressful year at home, your garage can help you transition smoothly into a post-pandemic environment. Here is why garage organization is important in 2021. 


Organizing pandemic impulse purchases

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s shopping habits dramatically. The fear of running out of essential products at the start of the pandemic contributed to a first wave of panic purchases. Stores couldn’t refill shelves as quickly as people bought, leading to empty racks and aisles in most places. The phenomenon created new waves of panic impulsive shopping. Long story short: Most families still have cans of food, bottles of disinfectants, soap bars, and other household essentials they haven’t used. The longer you’ve been self-isolated, the more stuff you’ve accumulated through impulse purchases. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that you only live once. So grocery panic shopping behaviors have crossed to home equipment, lifestyle gadgets, and home improvement projects. In short, the garage is packed with your pandemic purchases. 


Your garage organization project can help you make sense of the chaos. It will be crucial to:

  • Sort out excess grocery purchases, 
  • Get rid of food that is already out of date, 
  • Donate excess food and household items have you don’t need, 
  • Stop buying items you already have,


As you declutter the garage, you might also come to realize that there is some value in the accumulated clutter. Indeed, you could even sell non-food items that you’ve been keeping in the garage during the pandemic. 



Exploring new hobbies


According to recent surveys, 6 out of 10 Americans picked up a new activity during the pandemic. Most took a hobby to battle boredom or add a secondary source of income to the household. The majority of new hobbyists also agree that manual activity has played a vital role in their mental health during the pandemic. The pandemic even revived the population’s interest in traditional hobbies such as crochet, knitting, painting, and sewing. Those who have been hit financially during the pandemic have managed to find peace and even a side hustle income in their hobbies. However, the return to work has forced many hobbyists to leave their creative tools aside. 


We believe hobbies have been a life savior for many families during the pandemic, providing comfort amidst a stressful situation. The garage can become your playground to explore and maintain your new hobbies. Almost 80% of those who have discovered a new hobby during the pandemic say they want to continue with it for the mental health benefits. Therefore, the organization strategy for the garage needs to focus on the following:

  • Create a safe space to practice, 
  • Store all hobby-related tools and materials, 
  • Shelf finished projects such as paintings or crochet dolls (for pleasure or as part of a side hustle), 
  • Build a cozy hobby corner.


Reclaiming the garage

Clutter can be stressful. After over a year of pandemic anxiety, your family needs to approach post-pandemic life with a peaceful mind. We appreciate that you may not use your garage as often as often rooms in your home. But a chaotic garage is not only wasted space. It also becomes a burden in your day-to-day life. You might find yourself intentionally avoiding household chores to stay away from the garage. It becomes a source of stress, and we believe it is the last thing you need. 


Clearing the space is daunting. But we promise that it will lift your spirit and free yourself from a huge mental and emotional burden. With this therapeutic garage organization project, the priority is to:

  • Make the garage usable again, 
  • Make your everyday life easier, 
  • Find those “lost” or “missing” items again, 
  • Clear your mind, 
  • Gain a new room.


Settling into a full-time remote lifestyle

Have you been working from home during the pandemic? Most American workers are considering maintaining their remote working habits. Indeed, businesses recorded productivity records as teams adjusted to the home office. But, if you’ve only decided to make your home office permanent, it’s time to move away from the sofa or the bedroom. The garage is the ideal spot for a quiet workstation. 


Alternatively, if you’ve fallen in love with your home workout routines during the pandemic, you might be looking for a spot to store your gym equipment. The garage can be a fantastic gym studio, keeping you fit at a low cost. 


For this project, you want to turn your garage into:

  • A fully finished room (included insulation and heating)
  • A storage area for your work or sport kit
  • A functional area
  • An organized office / gym studio


How to approach garage organization in 2021?

At Boston Closet, we believe that the best organization strategy begins with identifying your goals. Indeed, whether you want to make sense of your impulse purchases or create a cozy home office, each plan will affect the garage layout differently. We appreciate that your garage can present challenges in terms of space and comfort. That’s where we offer a unique set of organizational services to bring your garage to the next level. 


Our team can help you create a meaningful garage setting with:

  • Custom shelf designs fit for hobbyists, home-based workers, etc. 
  • Storage management design for tools and equipment that will maximize the space,
  • Stylish closet solutions for repurposed garage decors,
  • Made-to-measure closet and shelf solutions that also match your style and budget.


Are you ready to reclaim your space? Get in touch to find out how we can help you customize your garage.