The closet – it’s probably not an area in your home that receives the admiration or attention it deserves. A well organized and functional closet can make a world of difference when it comes to simplifying your morning routine and streamlining your day-to-day life. Closet organization systems from Boston Closet Company include a wide variety of personalized closet accessory options that can help transform your closet into a space worth bragging about.


Adjustable Shelving

Your wardrobe grows and changes with you throughout your life – there is no reason that your closet should stay static. Adjustable shelving is a feature of our custom closets that can greatly improve the functionality of your space. Adjustable shelves allow you to continually customize your closet even after our designers have helped you create the closet organization system of your dreams.


Slanted Shoe Shelves

Shoes are an important aspect of any outfit, and we know it’s easy to amass a collection over time. Eventually, you may find that you have more shoes than you do space to put them. A built-in shoe rack will not only clear up space on your floor but will also display your shoes for easy access whenever you need them.


Jewelry Drawers

Make tangled necklaces, missing earrings, and buried rings a thing of the past with our custom jewelry drawers. We know that jewelry, both new and old, can hold a sentimental place in your life. With velvet lined drawers, you can layout every piece of your jewelry collection and ensure they stay safe and are easy to find when you need them. Looking to make a statement in your closet? A popular placement for jewelry display cases is an island installed in the middle of your space. An island also offers additional drawer space for accessories like belts and ties. This eye-catching closet design choice is one of the many features our expert designers will discuss with you during your personalized consultation!


Belt and Tie Racks

 There is beauty in simple details. In this case, those details are our belt and tie storage racks. Both items of clothing at notoriously difficult to keep organized in traditional closets. Ties slip off hangers to pool on the floor and sifting through belts stacked on top of each other can be a nightmare. Our tie and belt racks take the frustration out of organizing the little items in your closet and ensure you are always easily able to find the right accessory for your outfit.


Our design team takes the time to evaluate how you use your closet so they can customize a design to provide an organization system you will love to use every day. When you’re ready to upgrade your closet, contact us for your free estimate. In the meantime, check our site to learn more about our products and services!