Destroy the Dumping Ground

The bedroom chair, the corner of your closet, the side of your bed no one can see from the hall; it looks different in every home, but when you see it, you know it – the dump. The shirt that didn’t fit, the towel we used once, the pair of jeans that we refuse to wash; all can be found in the growing pile of laundry we continue to add today after day.

We tell ourselves that as long as it’s in one collective spot, it somehow qualifies as organized. We know this is a lie, we do it anyways. It’s time to do away with an eyesore once and for all! Keeping your space free of messy clothes is one of the fastest ways to clean up for good.

Presort Your Laundry

It might seem too easy to make a difference, but presorting your laundry is proof that the little things really can make a huge difference. Invest in a few small hampers and designate each of them for delicate, whites, and colors!

Separating your clothes ultimately means smaller loads of laundry. Intentionally purchasing smaller sized hampers guarantees lighter loads, which will make your life more comfortable in the long run! Want to cut your laundry time in half? Try this tip and watch the magic begin.

Switch to One Color of Hanger

This is one of the easiest tricks in the book and can make a world of difference. Choosing one neutral, common color and making sure every hanger you own looks the same is an instant way to make your closet look uniform and organized. You can have the cleanest closet in the world, and it will still seem messy if you have a plethora of random hangers.

Make a day out of heading to the store, choosing a color you’ll be able to find for years to come, and transferring all your garments to their new hangers. Your closet will look like a million bucks after this simple upgrade.

Add Under the Bed Storage

What are you doing with space under your bed? Did you know you can get budget-friendly storage trunks that are built specifically for this space? Ideal for shoes, extra linens, and chunky winter clothing, these storage bins are the perfect solution for anyone in need of a little extra room in their closet.

Even if your closet isn’t overflowing, adding a few storage trunks can make your wardrobe look even better than it already does and add so much more space. No matter the state of your closet, grabbing a few storage bins for under your bed is always a great move when it comes time to declutter.

Hang Smarter!

Are you sure you’re hanging something that should be stowed away under the bed? Are you folding something that should be hung up? There are so many ways to hang things without taking up large amounts of space! Use shower rings on hangers to hang scarves, baseball hats, ties, undergarments, undershirts, and so much more! Save space in your drawers and shelving space when you choose to hang smarter.

Choosing the right place for your clothing items makes the ultimate difference between a clean, crisp look and a cluttered look. Before reorganizing your closet, take time to think about the placement for each of your clothing items. You’ll thank yourself later!