Are you interested in renovating your home with a fun DIY project? With a little time and creativity, simple domestic upgrades and unique homemade crafts can go a long way. Boston Closet is here to offer you a variety of ideas!

Bookshelves – For a distinctive literary display, consider something other than traditional shutterstock_132641681bookcase shelving. For instance, an old ladder can be transformed simply by placing wooden pallets between each step in order to hold your books. Even a refashioned ironing board can double as the ideal book storage spot! Crates and shoeboxes are also interesting ways to create bookshelves at home.

Dividers – Those living in tighter corridors might discover that they want more privacy, or perhaps they want a single room that acts as two. DIY dividers are a great way to hide clutter, create separation, and add concealment. This can be done by hanging fabric, such as a blanket, curtain, or other material. Another hanging option is to utilize plants and flowers, or a collage of photos. However, for those that want something sturdier to be placed on the ground, old doors are a great option. Paint them, decorate them, and nail them together to create a one of a kind wall. An easier option might be a whiteboard, chalkboard or bulletin board.

Wall Décor – Blank walls get boring fast. To liven up a room without spending an arm and a leg, DIY decorations are a must. Cover walls in painted canvases, handwritten quotes, a string of lights, flowers, a dream catcher, or mirror collages. All of these options can be done on a budget in the comfort of your own home! With the right materials, a good plan and a little enthusiasm, your blank, dreary walls will no longer look lackluster or bare.

shutterstock_65741944Furniture – Wooden pallets have become very popular in relation to DIY furniture projects. They can be fashioned into bed frames, tables, couches, entertainment centers, and so on. Find pallets at junk yards, construction sites, and home improvement stores. Aside from wooden pallets, there are several other ways to add furniture as well. Hang a swing, use fabric to reupholster outdated couches and chairs, or create a homemade beanbag out of stuffing, fabric, and a needle and thread.

We hope these home improvement ideas have helped motivate you for your next DIY project! Please contact us today for other home personalization advice and services.