When you live in a home long enough, it’s easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. Without organized closet systems, any Boston home can become cluttered quickly. When you decide enough is enough and start the cleaning process, there a few things to remember. Take your time, and have patience because decluttering is a tedious process that doesn’t happen overnight. Follow our tips to achieve an organized home.

Create Three Piles

Before you begin, grab three large bins or bags. You will use these to create three piles as you make your way through your home. The first pile will be designated for items to be put away, the second is pile will consist of donations, and the last will be items to throw out for good. The put away pile is perhaps the most important because you’ll find a lot of things out of place such as a coffee mug left in the bedroom or clothes left in the bathroom. Your donation pile should consist of lightly used items that can still be used by someone else. If something is torn or damaged beyond repair, it should go into the trash pile. This is going to be your best friend during the decluttering process. Do not be shy about throwing things away if they are no longer useful to you.


Start With Large Areas

When you start with the largest areas of your home, like your living room or kitchen, you’re getting the toughest jobs out of the way first. These areas of your home are often the busiest, which means they collect a large amount of items that don’t belong there. The best way to tackle these rooms is by starting with large, visible surfaces. From there, move on to drawers and cabinets. Take out everything that doesn’t belong and put it in the middle of the room. Repeat this process with surrounding areas like closets and your pantry. Once everything is out in the open, place items in the three piles you created earlier (keep, donate or trash).


Give Yourself Time

Decluttering takes time and plenty of motivation. If you start too eager, your motivation can fizzle out. This is why we suggest you devote one day to each room in your house. While it won’t take you an entire day to clear out a bathroom or bedroom, you’ll have the time available if you need it. This helps avoid rushing through the house, which could result in unfinished projects. By doing a little at time, you won’t feel overwhelmed and your house will be organized in no time at all.


Stay Uncluttered

Perhaps the hardest part of the entire process is keeping your house clean. Once the initial decluttering process takes place, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your home stays organized. We can help with a custom closet design for your Boston home that gives you space to store all of your household items. Our designers can build storage solutions that fit your needs. Whether it’s a pantry, hall closet or bathroom, we’ll get a feel for how you use each rooms in your house to better assist you.


Get head start on your spring cleaning this year with a full house decluttering session. Follow our tips to make it successful and don’t forget a custom storage solution from Boston Closet Company is the best way to keep your home clean and organized. Contact us today for more information.

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