Walk-In closets aren’t the only areas in the home deserving of custom storage solutions. At Boston Closet Company, we know that the smallest spaces are the most in need of custom organization. We offer solutions for almost every room in your house to help you maximize space. Whether you’re in need of a multi-function room, closet organization, or garage storage solutions, our team can help.


Closet Storage

In small homes, closets are the go-to places to put things that don’t really have a specific place they belong. It’s easy to throw a coat or bulky bedding into a closet and forget about it, but soon the closet will be completely overrun with “junk.” Boston Closet Company specializes in walk-in and reach-in closet design, but these same concepts can be applied to the other closets in your home, too. Our organization systems are perfect for hall closets, coat closets and even the pantry. In your coat closet, we suggest shoe storage installations in addition to custom shelving and a hanging rod. Instead of shoes piling up in a small entryway our organizers give you somewhere to put them that makes them easier to find on your way out the door.


Wall Beds

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small home is by installing a wall bed, or Murphy bed. Wall beds come in a variety of sizes and lay flat right up against a wall. They can easily be pulled down when needed. You don’t have to worry about telling out of town guests that they have to stay on a couch or an air mattress. You can turn any spare room into a quick guest room with for Boston visitors. Our wall beds can include custom options such as nightstands or shelving to give your guests additional comfort. The materials we use can match the style of your home and what ever features you have in the room. Wall beds are great additions to home offices, home gym or craft rooms because they aren’t always in use like a bedroom or a living room. Your guests will appreciate feeling at home in a private room.


Garage Storage

The garage is a dumping ground for a lot of random items, which makes it the first place in the home to get cluttered. Garage storage can completely transform this space and give you and your family real solutions that eliminate the mess. No matter how small your space is, our team will come to your home and measure your space and help you decide what is going to work best. Cabinets will be made to your home’s specifications. Proper garage storage can also create a safer environment. You can read our last blog post to learn more about garage safety tips.


If you have a small home, or are in need of home storage, let Boston Closet Company design and install custom storage solutions for your home. Contact us today to request your free consultation!