shutterstock_183169976A recent Houzz survey uncovered that 12 percent of couples considered separation or divorce during a home remodel. Closet installations and redesigns are stressful for Boston couples because they require compromise in order to develop solutions – especially if their tastes differ greatly. A couple’s ability to work together could make or break their relationship during the design process. Thankfully, Boston Closet Co. offers complimentary in-home design consultations. A professional closet storage expert will  translate your needs into a cohesive design that satisfies both sides of the relationship. We present a wealth of storage solutions, design variants and aesthetic options that allow each couple to design a truly custom unit. The only question left is how you’re going to decide which elements to use in your own closet installation.

Step 1: Determine your Objective
Is your goal to increase overall usable space or do you have a more specific objective in mind? Maybe one of you would like custom shoe cubbies while the other would like to install a tie rack. Write down your ideal closet features beforehand and compare notes so you’re on the same page when the designer arrives.

Step 2: Compromise
Usually during a redesign one person will take the lead, but this doesn’t mean the other person’s preferences should be ignored. Both partners live in the home and will use the closet space, so it is important that both are represented during the design process.

The benefit to compromise is that even though you and your partner might have different design tastes, you can both get what you want. Many opposing styles actually complement one another when combined into the same design. Sleek modern designs complement industrial flavors. Similarly, a clean design can really make a few strategically placed eclectic pieces stand out. Even differing color schemes can come together with complementary tones. It’s all about thinking of the big picture.

Step 3: When in Doubt… Ask!
Our designers prefer to have everyone who will be using the closet present at the design consultation. This ensures we can take note of your preferences and design a closet that will appeal to everyone. Couples are encouraged to make all big design decisions together. The color of the granite in your closet might seem small at first, but when it is installed you will feel proud for having had a say in that design choice.

Step 4: Stay Realistic
You might imagine yourself living in a Pottery Barn catalog, but the truth is: this is your home. The design, function and style of your closet need to be customized to fit your tastes. Make sure the components of your closet make both you and your partner happy. After all, Boston Closet Co. makes designs to last! You’ll be using your custom closet installation for many years to come.

Our design experts know what it takes to build a custom closet installation both you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime. Boston is no stranger to interior design, which is why we offer a competitive selection of components to choose from. With the right planning and goals in mind, our designers can help you agree on a custom closet both of you enjoy. Click or call to schedule your appointment now.

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