Does your bedroom floor look more like your closet? Boston Closet Co. knows that sometimes it is easier to go home after a long day of work or school and simply throw clothes on the ground! However, if you want your items to stay in mint condition, it is best to hang them back up if wearable again. If they need to be washed, try not to wad them up in the hamper. Do a load right away or lay them out in preparation to be cleaned. In order to keep clothes like new, it is important to take care of your closet and its care

Types of hangers

Certain types of clothing require certain types of hangers. Use pants hangers for slacks, etc. in order to avoid wrinkles. Clip pants on so they hang flat. Then, use padded hangers for weightier items, such as coats, to protect them and prevent stretching. Plastic hangers are usually not durable enough for such heavy jackets. When organizing all of your items, do not push the clothes together. This will cause them to fall off of the hangers and get wrinkled. If the clothes are scrunched together, you may even forget about some of your favorite pieces simply because they are not easily visible!

Wash clothes with care

It is important to be informed on how to clean your items. For most clothing pieces, the directions are on their tag. Remember to use the gentle cycle when needed, separate darks and lights and avoid chemical bleaches. Too often are clothes shrunk and discolored!


For articles that do not get hung up, fold them gently. Fold jeans at the seams so creases do not show, and then stack them on a shelf in the closet. Roll fabrics such as cotton shirts so that hangers do not leave marks on the shoulder areas. If there is room, place workout clothes folded on shelves. Since these are meant for sweatier wear, they do not need to be hung up.

Shoe organizing

Shoes are just as important as the clothing in closets. One thing to avoid, though, is piling shoes on top of one another. High heels will indent other shoes or leave scratches. Heavier ones, such as boots, can crush flats. You want a shoe cabinet or organizer that allows you to separate each pair. If a cabinet is not a desirable addition to the closet, then hang them on a wood or wire rack.

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