Decluttering isn’t an easy task, especially when you don’t have the right storage solutions. Boston Closet Company has products that will help to tackle those unorganized pantries and messy kid’s rooms a whole lot easier.

The best way to go about a house decluttering project is to work on a room-to-room basis. We’ve created a guide that is broken down by individual rooms to give you the best tips and tricks on clearing out and cleaning up.

Entry Way:

The first thing your guests see when they enter the house should be presentable. Most of the time, we leave our shoes, jackets, sports gear and letters on the floor by the door or on the nearest surface. To declutter this space, we suggest installing a mudroom. We offer features like customizable cabinets, adjustable shelves, wall-mounted hooks, and entryway closet organization. All of your miscellaneous items can be stored off the floor and in a place of their own.


  • Store your bulky coats and boots in a suitcase in the closet so your mudroom has room for Summer items and looks less cluttered.
  • Install key and umbrella hooks and a change jar to establish designated drop spots.


The kitchen tends to get messy fast. The best way to declutter this space is to install our pantry organizers. By having your ingredients, spices, and snacks properly sorted, cooking meals and grabbing food to go will take less time and keep your space well-organized. We offer add-ons such as adjustable shelves, cubbies, baskets, pull-out trays, and wine racks.

Now it’s time to tackle the infamous junk drawer. The drawer usually lives in the kitchen and contains items like pens, paper clips, stray playing cards, and eraser tips. Investing in compartmentalized inserts will make decluttering your junk drawer less of a hassle. Take advantage of the little cubbies and label each one so you’ll never have to face a black hole of things again.


  • Only your most-used items should live near the front of your pantry. Your less-used foods should be stored near the back. This will allow you to grab and go when you’re in a rush to get out the door.

Kid’s Closets:

When you ask your kids to clean their rooms, do they just stuff everything under the bed and in the closet? We thought so. This might not be such a bad thing though. We offer a kid’s closet organizer that will have individual compartments for kids to throw their shoes and toys. Instead of a pile forming on the floor of the closet, everything will have a place. It will be impossible for your little ones to make a mess of their space!


  • Use clear bins for under the bed so your kids can see what goes inside. Stick to smaller bins since bigger bins can become cluttered.
  • Place a hamper in their closet where they can drop clothes they’ve outgrown. This will prevent clothing overflow.

Boston Closet Company can assist with decluttering many other rooms in the house like garages, home offices, and master closets. Contact us today to get a free consultation!

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