Turn your dark attic into a storage areaAttics are often dark, forgotten spaces in the home filled with Christmas decorations and winter clothes that won’t be used until next year. The attic is also usually a messy, cluttered disaster zone that nobody wants to visit, but it doesn’t have to be! Let Boston Closet help you turn your attic into a neatly organized storage space!

Preparing Your Attic

The first thing to do is to determine if the area is structurally sound and whether or not it can hold weight. Whether your attic is a space between rafters, a loft over the garage or the uppermost story of your home,. Sloping walls and ceilings often present homeowners with storage struggles, but our experts know exactly which home organization systems will help get the most out of your space Depending on the way it was built, your attic may be able to support the weight of converting it into a storage area. It may, however, require reinforcement or even installation of a floor system capable of carrying the weight you need. Before any kind of storage system can be implemented, your attic needs to be safe for use. This means getting a professional evaluation and making any repairs that may be necessary. Holes in the walls, leaks in the roof, exposed or frayed wires, or signs of a rodent problem are all signs of repairs that need to be made before the attic can be used.

Making Smart Use of Space

Once your attic is in good repair and can safely support the weight of storage, you’re ready to make use of it! While a sloped ceiling, walls or rafters can make it challenging to find storage space at first glance, they’re actually ideal locations to install shelves, rods and ceiling hooks.  Custom shelving is ideal for attic spaces due to rafters and gable windows, and is one of our specialties at Boston Closet! Clever shelving helps separate boxes and will make it that much easier to see and retrieve contents.

Cardboard boxesdo little to protect your belongings from dust, temperature changes or pests, so we recommend using plastic storage bins instead. Plastic is water resistant and will help keep the contents of each box protected no matter what the weather outside. It’s also helpful to organize your attic storage by seasons. Having a designated section for fall and winter clothes and decorations and another for spring and summer items will make navigating your attic storage much easier, and you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without digging through a mountain of boxes.

We offer custom closets throughout Boston, and an unused attic can make the perfect closet space! As long as the conditions are right to protect your clothes from environmental or pest damages, even an attic too small for general storage purposes can be put to work as a brand new customized closet system.

More Than Just Storage

Unused attics can also make for great living spaces or even a man cave. If the ceiling is tall enough, converting an attic into a spare bedroom or den is a great way to utilize the space. With proper organization, you will be shocked at just how much can fit into your attic. Many spaces can even be fitted for sound systems, cable and WiFi! Clever attic storage solutions are the best way to maximize tricky attic space that might otherwise go to waste. Our expert designers can help you devise a custom storage solution to maximize the potential of every nook and cranny.

For a bedroom, storing clothes and knickknacks can be tough, especially if you’re unable to haul dressers and other such bulky items up into the attic. Custom drawers built into the ceiling or walls can also provide great storage options without taking up valuable space.

Our designers have years of experience designing beautiful and functional custom closets for Boston residents. If you’re ready to turn your attic into a proper storage space or spare room, call the professionals and do it right! Contact us online or call (617) 628-1150 today and get a FREE design consultation.