shutterstock_144544808Working from home may sound like a dream – sleeping in, sipping a hot beverage while emailing coworkers in your pajamas, and spending more time with family – but many telecommuters find themselves facing an unexpected dilemma: what to do with all that clutter? With no one to judge your work style, papers set aside with the best intentions suddenly become permanent fixtures on your desk. Boston Closet Co. has seven simple tricks to turn your desk disaster into every employee’s dream office.

  1. The “One and Done” Rule: Make it a point to touch each sheet of paper only once. If a bill or document comes through, do not put it off until later; take care of the page immediately and drop the offending paper either into the shredder or the recycling bin when you are done with it. Procrastination is the enemy of cleanliness: do it now or it will haunt you later!
  2. Maintain a physical “inbox.” Do you remember those old movies where the secretary had plastic “inbox” and “outbox” cubbies on their desk? That concept is not just a Hollywood gimmick. It is important to have a physical “destination” on your desk for papers you absolutely must hang onto before completing a given project. This serves both as a visual reminder there is still work pending and an organizational tactic to ensure papers don’t end up scattered around the floor.
  3. Go digital! This might be a difficult habit to break, but those Post-It reminders are cluttering up your desk and, whether you realize it or not, contribute to stress during the day. Try to use organizational programs found on your desktop, such as Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature or the memo pad found on many Apple products. If you can scan important contracts into your computer or a Cloud device, try to do so as often as possible. Remember to back up these documents with an external hard drive or backup service.
  4. Out with the old, in with the new. Do a self-check of your workspace. Do all your pens work? Are your paper clips bent or unseemly? Is your printer paper dog-eared and worn? If your office supplies are not up-to-par, it may be time to toss the old items and revitalize your supplies.
  5. Remember your finances! Tax returns, canceled checks, and receipts should be kept for seven (you heard correctly – SEVEN) years. This is because the IRS is allowed to audit any individual or company for that period of time. Keep a drawer designated specifically to business finances so you are never caught off guard.
  6. Keep personal items off your desk. Fido is great, but an 8×10” portrait of him belongs anywhere except your workspace. Clear all personal items from your desk and place them somewhere nearby, but separate from your office. When you have removed everything choose only one or two items with significant personal meaning and allow yourself to keep those on your desk. When you are done you will have that much more space for essential equipment and documents.
  7. Make your furnishings organize for you! Make sure each drawer is devoted to a specific topic: payroll, finances, reports, etc. and come up with a system to organize files in each of those individual drawers. It might be easiest to alphabetize files, color code them, or even organize them by month. Purchase labels so the file tabs are easy to read. The important thing is you understand your own system and are able to find things when you need them. Many home offices come together through a variety of different storage pieces, but they rarely come together as a complete unit for the homeowner. Our home offices are designed to fit your space and needs in a way that no mass produced fixture just out of the box can.

With these simple tips, anyone can be a professional at organizing their home office. Remember: your preferences come first so if you find one particular system works well for you, go ahead and implement it throughout your office. For additional tips and organizational services, let the experts at Boston Closet company help. Call us at 617-628-1150 or contact us online for a completely free consultation and see how what home office storage solutions are best for you.

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