shutterstock_146582339Whether in an apartment, shared room, or small house, limited space can be difficult to work with. At Boston Closet, our main goal is to provide our customers with custom storage solutions that help optimize their overall home. That is why we are here with six tips on how to utilize the most space in a small home!

Design tricks – There are several ways to manipulate the eye and make it appear as though a room is larger than its actual size. For instance, mirrors can be hung on walls or cabinets to create reflections and light that make the room seem as though it is expanded. Another option is paint; create a mural that looks like the outdoors so it seems like the room is almost without barrier. Or, for a simpler paint option, choose light colors (white, yellow, etc.) that will make a room feel more airy and open. Finally, a striped rug is also a great option to elongate the room.

Vertical space – Vertical space is often forgotten about when it comes to home design. However, in smaller homes, it is important to utilize this. Take advantage of wall space above the bed, TV, etc. by hanging shelves that provide more room for storage. Books, movies, knick-knacks and other belongings can be places on these shelves. Vertical wall space is also a good place to hang any desired art.

Bed frame – Build or purchase a bed frame that has installed drawers. This creates more storage that does not take up any additional room. Another option is to prop up a bed that does not have drawers so it is high enough to store items underneath. A bed is an inevitable part of a bedroom that can take up quite a bit of square footage. Use this to your benefit with one of these two options.

Lighting – While natural light is one of the best ways to create more of an open feeling in a small space, other lighting is necessary. There are several strategic ways to do this. For example, use lighting that is either installed into the ceiling or hangs from the ceiling. This way it does not take up space on a nightstand or the floor. If the ceiling is too high to be an option, consider nailing strings of lights along the walls instead.

Closet ideas – For those who have more clothes than available closet space, other actions must be taken. Install a rod in the corner of a room that acts as another place to hang clothing. Choose a few of your favorite items so they are on display and serve as another décor item in the room. Additionally, add a hook to the back of a door to hold accessories such as scarves, hats, etc. This replaces the typical hat rack that consumes too much floor space. It is important to have enough room for all items to ensure proper closet clothing care.

Seating – At the end of the bed, place a trunk that can hold more storage. Then, add a cushion to the top for a comfortable seating area for guests. Another idea is to consider smaller beanbags that can either be piled onto one another to save space and then taken apart for guests to use individually, or stored away until guests arrive.

If you like the above tips on transforming a small space into a room that is highly utilized and functional, feel free to contact us today! Boston Closet is here to help make these design ideas a reality. From desired storage solutions to custom closets, we know just how difficult it can be to store everything desired in a small space; our expert team can help.