shutterstock_195212366Laundry rooms are where first impressions are made. The room itself might be highly visible or tucked away from sight, but your wardrobe begins and ends in the laundry room. From the moment you pour fabric softener into the machine to the time it comes out of the dryer warm and smelling like fresh linen, your laundry room is the command center for your appearance. These are the same clothes you’ll wear to job interviews, dates and parent-teacher conferences. It’s important to care for your clothes properly to make a good first impression, a task that includes setting up your laundry room in a way that is space and time efficient. Boston Closet Co. has a variety of solutions to make your laundry room a safe, enjoyable space for your family while maximizing available storage space.

Cabinets and drawers. Storage is always an issue when dealing with multiple bottles and boxes, some of which contain material hazardous to pets or infants. Detergents and bleach should always be kept in a cabinet high above the ground preferably with a safety lock. Cabinets and drawers not only offer aesthetically pleasing options, but keep your family safe and happy.

Tilt-out hampers. Traditional laundry baskets take up a great deal of space and look cluttered. What good is placing dirty clothes in the laundry basket if all you’ve done is move the pile from one visible place to another? Tilt-out hampers keep the mess tucked away where it belongs.

Adjustable shelves. What works for you one season might change in the winter when cold weather and snow mean folding bulkier clothing items that take up more shelf space. If a change in the weather (or your mood) means a change in your laundry room’s look, adjustable shelves make the transition easy.

Laminate countertops. Laminate is a great material for rooms with heavy water usage because they are durable and will not become damaged if a load of damp clothes is set down for a few minutes (or hours). These counters stand up to regular use and provide a cost-effective way to keep your laundry room looking classy for years to come.

Clothes hanger racks. Cotton shirts or delicates are frequently unable to handle the dryer and must be hung to dry instead. Similarly, freshly-ironed pieces should be hung immediately for best results. With a built-in clothes hanger rack, you will always have a place for items which require special care.

Ironing board storage. Never again fight with iron cords or dodge a falling board that was propped against the wall at less than a 45° angle.  Tuck your ironing board into its own cubby built right into your own customized shelving unit! Everything is in its place as it should be.

There is a saying that every minute spent organizing is an hour of time saved, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the laundry room. With washing, drying, folding, ironing, and many other tasks happening at once, it is critical to have a multipurpose space designed to accommodate many uses. You can expect great things with a custom laundry room designed by the Boston Closet Co. – after all, when you have an organized home, it shows. Call (617) 628-1150 for your free quote today or complete our contact form to speak with a professional.

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