Let’s face it, laundry day is not a day we look forward to. It can be tedious, especially if your laundry room is cluttered. Whether you do laundry every week or every day, you can benefit from a well-organized laundry room. From sorting clothing to storing products correctly, we can help you transform your room into a functional space that does the work for you. Boston families can have custom laundry room features installed to make life even easier. Follow our tips to make laundry day a breeze!

Sorting Made Easy

When it comes to laundry day, getting started is the hardest part. Don’t let sorting your clothes get the best of you. Get ahead of this hurdle by sorting laundry as you go through your week. Consider adding multiple built-in hampers to your closet. Darks can go in one while lights go in the other. Boston Closet Company can install pull-out hampers in walk-in and reach-in closets.


Don’t forget to check the tags on your garment to make sure there aren’t special care instructions. If there are, make a separate pile and deal with those items separately. After that, turn all your clothing right side out and ensure no sleeves or pant legs are tucked in. This could cause uneven washing or stretching of clothing.


Stain Removal

One essential task that shouldn’t be skipped is proper stain removal. Every type of stain has a unique removal method associated with it, but the techniques are usually the same. Here is what you need to remember:

  • Test your stain removal product in a small, hidden area to avoid damaging the garment.
  • Treat from the back of the garment to push the stain outward and prevent it from soaking all the way through.
  • Don’t mix stain removal products. This could cause an unwanted reaction
  • Wash the item by hand or with another load of laundry after stain removal. Clarification can be found on the stain removal product label.
  • It may take more than one treatment to thoroughly remove the stain. Check to make sure the stain is completely gone before drying the item; heat will set the stain and make it impossible to remove later.


Consolidate Your Laundry Products

Some of the main culprits of a cluttered laundry room are the massive amount of detergent and cleaning supplies we collect. Whether they are free samples or products that were bought to try out, it’s time to get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. Take a look at detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and stain removal products and throw away anything you don’t use on a regular basis.


Cabinets and Shelving

Once you have consolidated the laundry cleaning products you actually use, it’s time to put them away. Boston Closet Company installs custom laundry cabinets and shelving for your family’s organization needs. We install cabinets off the floor to securely store your cleaning supplies, which keeps pets and children safe.


It’s All About the Accessories

Laundry day needs to be easier. Adding accessories to your space can simplify your routine. For smaller spaces, we can customize your shelving and add a fold-out laundry board that can easily be put away when you don’t need it. No more hassling with tricky, oversized ironing boards that don’t have a space to fit it. We also offer hanging rods that you can air dry delicate items on.


Don’t spend another day dreading laundry. Let the professionals at Boston Closet Company install custom storage solution at your home today. We’ll visit your home and help determine which organization systems will help you most, so we can create a custom design you’ll love. To request a free consultation, contact us today!

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