A smartly designed storage solution can not only easily and safely store all of your things; it can help lessen your impact on the environment. Closet designs that incorporate materials that are sustainable and free of potential harmful chemicals are becoming more and more popular among an increasingly green-conscious public. For environmentally friendly closet storage designs in the New England area, consider The Boston Closet Company. A leader in Boston closet design since 1976, The Boston Closet Company can create storage solutions that accommodate your belongings and help reduce strain on the earth. Their Boston closet organizers can advise you on eco-friendly Boston closets that incorporate any of the following green materials.

Recycled Wood
You don’t need to cut down more trees to have an enviable closet made out of wood. Recycled or reclaimed wood is made from wood that has already been milled. Besides its boon to the environment, recycled wood offers other advantages. Made from the wood of older growth forests, reclaimed wood tends to be harder and denser than newer wood. Plus, recycled wood has a distinctive, attractive finish.

FSC-Certified Wood
FSC-certified wood has been certified as coming from a sustainable source according to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC). Essentially, this means that the lumber comes from forests that are replenished satisfactorily.

Formaldehyde-Free Wood
Formaldehyde is a chemical found in many wood products. Besides being a common allergen and irritant, high exposure to formaldehyde can actually cause cancer. Furnishings that contain formaldehyde release the potentially harmful chemical in the air. You can reduce the amount of toxins in your home by opting for storage solutions that do not use formaldehyde.

Low-VOC Paint
Like formaldehyde, paints high in volatile organic compounds (VOC) tend to emit harmful chemicals into the air, causing eye irritation, respiratory problems and, in some cases, liver and kidney disease and even cancer. Reduce air pollution by choosing a low-VOC paint that releases fewer odors and toxins into the air.

Low-Voltage Lighting
Save energy (and by extension, money) by installing energy-efficient lighting in your storage area that uses significantly less power.

The Boston Closet Company can design, build and install closet and storage solutions from a variety of sustainable, environmentally conscious materials.

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